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Awareness, best practices and safety all contribute to higher professional standards, engagement and better outcomes. Sing Up Foundation organises a host of content, activities and professional development as well as encouraging a thriving community of practitioners.
Singing for children & young people's mental health & wellbeing is a wide and developing area, with a range of different types of user. So we've created some Starter Guides to help you find content that's relevant to you.

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I think that's really important if you're a music teacher to... make yourself a bit more vulnerable to those young people and say, look, “this is my journey with music. This is why I'm here teaching you right now, because this is music is a big part of my life. And these are the people who inspired me”. So it creates this kind of network, this kind of like map of your identity.

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SK Shlomo

From Inspiring Voices podcast, Season 1

Schools & Teachers

Non music-specialist teachers and educators

Sing Up Foundation is supporting our schools and teachers with a range of resources, courses and other opportunities. 

With our resources, teachers can enhance their skills and confidence in planning delivering effective singing programs and create a positive impact on the lives of the children and young people they work with. 

We are committed to providing practical and evidence-based resources and professional development which help teachers achieve positive mental health outcomes for themselves and their students.

Music Practitioners

Experienced or aspiring singing leaders and music teachers

Sing Up Foundation is supporting our leaders and practitioners with a range of resources, courses and other opportunities. Whether you are starting out and looking for guides to hit the ground running, or have years of experience, we have organised the content for you and built tools to help you get the most it.

As a community hub we aim to promote meaningful discussion and organise valuable activities to help you share and build your practice. For more experienced members you may have knowledge that you wish to contribute to the community. 

Create a login to gain access to a range of tools to bookmark pages so that you can organise easy reading lists as well as keep track of your progress and manage your pace through our materials. Feel free to sign up and create a profile.

Mental Health Professionals

Therapists, counsellors, CAMHS staff, Social Prescribers, etc.

Sing Up Foundation is supporting mental health professionals with evidence and advice around the ways that singing can support children & young people's mental health.

With research demonstrating that the impact of singing on mental health goes much deeper than songs to reflect moods, our resources are designed to help you stay up to date with the latest research and effective practice, so that you can plan what might work in your setting/s.

Project Managers & Organisations

Organisation leaders, managers, project leads, commissioners, etc.

Partnerships are central to the success of this work. With expert music organisations and practitioners working alongside teachers and schools we can create a thriving environment for singing, and achieve the deep impact we know it can have on children & young people's mental health & wellbeing.

Sing Up Foundation is a hub for sharing information and advice, and effective and evidence-based practice. Join us!

General Interest

Parents, carers, non-music practitioners, and people just wanting to find out more about what we do

Sing Up Foundation is on a mission to deepen our understanding and practice around singing for children & young people's mental health and wellbeing.

If you're not directly involved, but like to find out more about our work, we've lined up some content that we think you'll find interesting.

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