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Beatboxing, Identity and
Mental Health

Films by SK Shlomo

Shlomo working with singing student

"You can use beatboxing to help young people explain their stories, encourage them to explore their identities, and then that can have an effect on their mental health."

We asked beatboxing and looping legend, mental health champion and long-time friend of Sing Up SK Shlomo to give us some insights into their work with young people at Breathe Academy.

This fascinating set of short films demonstrates how the act of creativity through vocal work can have a powerful effect on young people's mental health & wellbeing and sense of identity.

Watch the films

Episode 1

Shlo works with Blessing to build her confidence in create beatboxing loops, as well as keying into her poetry skills.

Episode 2

Shlo and Ryan make a cover of a song that Ryan relates to. The film highlights an important issue around voice and gender identity.

Episode 3

Shlo helps Rayanna to create a new song, revealing the unique power of creative vocal work to support mental health issues.

About SK Shlomo

Shlo (they/them) 🏳️‍🌈 is an international non-binary beatbox star 🎤 disability & mental health ambassador 🔊 former world looping champion and ✨3 x TED Speaker.

Their meteoric success as a beatboxer and looper has drawn international acclaim and put them alongside some of the greats of the music world. But it has come at a price, and Shlo's battles with fame, identity, neurodivergence and mental health have taken them to the brink.

A remarkable transformation and change of approach has included the development of Breathe, a new show and album, and an academy to help young people with mental health challenges.

SK Shlomo

About BREATHE Academy

BREATHE Academy is a pilot youth project empowering marginalised young people from across the UK to harness creativity and unite against suicide. It was launched in 2022 in partnership with suicide helpline CALM. 


BREATHE Academy is a safe space for 12-25 year-olds to create artistic responses to life’s challenges, led by SK Shlomo. It covers more than beatboxing: it’s about inspiring young people from diverse backgrounds, especially female/non-binary, LGBTQIA+, disabled and/or from the global majority, to be their true selves, through any creative means, with budding artists collaborating live on stage with SK Shlomo at some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals and venues, plus having their creations platformed online.

SK Shlomo Breathe logo

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