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Research Summaries

Want to find out about the evidence underpinning singing for mental health & wellbeing, but don't want to plough through whole reports? Read on!


A collection of easy-to-read overview of research papers relating to singing for children & young people's mental health & wellbeing and other relevant content.

Sing Up Foundation members can download the Research Summaries as PDFs along with other useful resources. You can sign up free-of-charge.

Effects of group singing versus group music listening on hospitalized children and adolescents with mental disorders: A pilot study

A pilot observational study

Katarzyna Grebosz-Haring, Leonhard Thun-Hohenstein (2018)

Group singing and young people's psychological well-being

A mixed method study

Glew, S.G., Simonds, L.M, and Williams, E.I. (2021)

My Hospital Family

Family perceptions of a Singing Medicine project in a Children’s Hospital in England’

Blackburn, C. (2019)

Sing Every Day

The Wider Benefits of a School-Based Singing Project with Disadvantaged Children

Graham F. Welch, Ross Purves, Jo Saunders, Katherine Mason, Alice Bowmer, Ann Wright, International Music Education Research Centre, University College London (UCL) Institute of Education, VOCES8 Foundation

Singing and social inclusion

A study woven into a larger data collection exercise of the national Sing Up programme

Welch, G., et al. (2014)

Singing promotes cooperation in a diverse group of children

A research project from Toronto Canada

Arla Good and Frank A. Russo 2016

The effects of group singing on the wellbeing and psychosocial outcomes of children and young people

A systematic integrative review

Glew, S.G., Simonds, L.M, and Williams, E.I. (2021) ARTS & HEALTH 2021, VOL. 13, NO. 3, 240–262

The role of arts activities in developing resilience and mental wellbeing in children and young people

A rapid review of the literature

Zarobe, L., Bungay H (2017) Vol 137 No 6. Perspectives in Public Health p.37-347


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