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Songs and Materials

This is a temporary home for a selection of songs and materials collected through seven years of World Voice.
We are now working to create a permanent home for the vast amount of World Voice resources, ready to share them with the world.
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*The following materials were originally developed by the British Council for the World Voice Programme


Aal Maya

Jordan (Arabic)

When Jordanians are planning to sing traditional songs, this song is usually considered. There are no specific occasions when it would be sung. It is a simple, happy love song and can be sung at any time. Traditionally, a soloist will sing the verse and a group of singers join in for the Aal Maya chorus, but it’s fine for a choir to sing the whole song.


Song sheet

Aal Maya - Performance

Bebe yo

Senegal (Wolof)

This well-known Senegalese popular song is a simple love song. Children of all ages love to sing it. With very young children the lyric may be considered to be a little adult in tone, so it is possible to sing it as a lullaby to a baby.

Download Teaching Notes.


Song sheet

Bébé yo - melodic line


India (Hindi)

This simple song is used across the Hindi speaking areas of Northern India as a way of teaching counting with young children. Many traditions have similar songs and these songs are often never written down, but passed from teacher to teacher in an oral tradition.

Download Chidiya Teaching Pack


Song sheet

Chidiya - Performance Audio


Ethiopia (Amharic)

Dankira is an Ethiopian style folk dance which is performed by leaping in the air in time to the music and striking the ground with the heels.


Song sheet

Dankira teaching track

Peixe vivo

Brazil (Portuguese)

This bouncy children’s song  has lots of scope for actions, choreography and/or percussion. It roughly translates to 'How can a live fish live out of cold water? How can I live without your company?' so it could be linked to topics about Friendship and PSHE or exploring the country and culture of Brazil.


Song sheet

Peixe vivo - Performance
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