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Mental Health Professionals

Counsellors, pastoral staff and other mental health professionals interested in understanding more about the benefits of singing - find out about the research and practice behind the magic of singing to improve children & young people's mental health & wellbeing.

Latest research summary

World Voice Evaluation

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Types of Singing Activity for Mental Health

A few ideas to think creatively about singing environments and contexts.

Girl singing
Singing & Health

Find out about the benefits of singing in relation to overall health and wellbeing and what the research shows.

Girl singing
Working in Challenging Settings

CASE STUDY: How music making is a key part of provision for those outside of mainstream education.

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Trauma- and Attachment-Informed Practice

An introduction to 2 of the most important theories underpinning mental health problems.

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Latest research

Access the latest research papers here.

World Voice Evaluation

Students singing together

Singing and social inclusion

Students singing together

Group singing and young people's psychological well-being

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Relevant guides and downloads that offer new methods, techniques and direction.

World Voice Songs & Resources

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World Voice Teaching Materials

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About Us

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A curated set of courses for all our leaders and practitioners. 

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Professional development

Sing Up Foundation is here to support your professional journey. We provide professional development courses and tools as well as live sessions and ongoing support to help you maximise your efforts and continue to stay at the edge of the latest methods and techniques.

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Graham Welch
"Co-creators in the same room"

Aga Serugo-Lugo

Graham Welch
"If you can't say it, sing it"

Sophie Garner

Graham Welch
"The thing that we can't quite verbalise"

David Lawrence

Graham Welch
"You couldn't go and have a war with somebody you've been singing with"

Jane Wheeler


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