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Introducing our new trustees

Three new trustees have joined our Board to help guide the Sing Up Foundation's strategy moving forward.

This summer, we welcomed three new trustees to their first Board meeting following a period of recruitment which we began in 2019. As we all know, the pandemic has caused much upheaval over the last 18 months, so this was our first meeting since December 2019 which was, of course, held virtually over Zoom.

The three new trustees - Dr Andrew McWilliams, Dr Jeremy Sleith and Dr Motje Wolfe - have joined us with expertise in fields which are fundamental to the Foundation's development moving forward in helping us support young people and adolescents with their mental health and wellbeing through singing. We're really pleased to welcome them to our organisation, and their advice and guidance has already been incredibly valuable.

Dr Andrew McWilliams is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and researcher with a wide variety of experience working directly with young people and also running research projects in clinical settings including studying the impact of arts and health interventions. Having founded St Helen's Music Service, Dr Jeremy Sleith has over 30 years experience working with young people and music practitioners in music organisations and music hubs and has been developing a variety of arts on prescription models through his role as Head of Service. With a keen interest in music education, singing and research, Dr Motje Wolfe is a Senior Lecturer in Education at DeMontfort University and is a member of the steering committee of 'Singing in Music Education' of the European Association of Music in Schools.

We're really excited to welcome our new trustees on board and are looking forward to developing much needed programmes using singing to help young people and adolescents to improve their mental health and wellbeing in this time of great need.

For more information on our Board of Trustees, please visit There you will find, full biographies for each of our Trustees.

Charlotte Law, Learning Executive at Sing Up, is also a Sing Up Foundation trustee but was unable to attend our Board meeting this summer.



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